If you’re looking for a property to rent in London, you may easily feel like you are spoiled for choices. But to find rental properties that are true to what is being advertised, with value for money, and within a reasonable timeframe? Well, that may be trickier than you think — unless you rent through Mr Rent.

Professional guidance
Having some professional guidance can save you weeks of headache and future problems with the property. We can help you every step of the way, from property search to tenant services. Our varied selection of properties is available for you to browse and choose from, and we have built a strong network of quality landlords over the years. Once you’ve found what you like, we can help arrange viewings and negotiation services on your behalf.

Impeccable customer service
We do things a little differently at Mr Rent to look after our customers. Not only do we help you make sure you understand all your assigned rights as a tenant, but we also go the extra mile to help you and your landlord build a good and trusted relationship from Day One — creating a foundation for a truly pleasant tenancy at our properties. And, of course, we’re still here to help you with any queries or maintenance issues.

Ask us anything
Just moved to London and need a little more guidance? That’s what we’re here for. Our letting negotiators will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about transport, facilities, entertainment, and general local property prices.
Ready to rent a property with us? Speak to one of our Letting Team.

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